08 Feb 2017

Less than three months after the Australian Building and Construction Bill (ABCC) was passed, the chaotic Liberal Government has created chaos in the building industry.
The Government was ecstatic when it passed the ABCC Bill last year, claiming the much amended, compromised bill as a great victory.
The building and construction industry had every right to think that was the end of the matter. Now, the Government, in collusion with a number of Senate crossbenchers is looking to re-write the legislation pulling the rug out from under the industry.
The new amendments will reverse a position settled only months ago, leaving building companies and unions less than seven months to try and renegotiate previously agreed lawfully binding enterprise agreements.
Any company that can’t reach new agreements will be barred from Commonwealth funded projects.
There has been no consultation regarding these changes and the Government has absolutely no idea about the impact it will have on building companies and workers alike. 

This secret deal with Senator Hinch and Senator Xenophon will cost taxpayers more, stymie productivity and most importantly compromise safety.

The Turnbull Government will stop at nothing to further its anti-worker agenda.
The ABCC legislation is bad legislation. When the ABCC was last in place, worker fatalities went up and productivity went down.

The draconian Building Code will result in less apprentices and more temporary work visa holders on building and construction sites.

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