March 10, 2017

Today’s revelation that penalty rates cuts could have a domino effect spreading to other industries is terrible news for Australian workers who need a Government committed to helping them, not slashing their wages.
Independent legal advice provided by Maurice Blackburn for the ACTU shows that the cuts could also impact other industries because the factors considered by the Fair Work Commission in making its decision were not specific to just the hospitality and retail awards.

As such other workers such as nurses, teachers, community, disability workers, cleaners and construction employees are at risk of seeing their penalty rates cut.
Labor calls Malcolm Turnbull to reverse his support of these cuts to penalty rates.

His Government must join with Labor and support our legislation which would stop the cuts to penalty rates.
Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition never has and never will stand up for ordinary Australian workers.
The fact that in Malcolm Turnbull’s world it makes sense to give big business a $50 billion tax cut while at the same time supporting a wage cut for Australia’s lowest paid workers shows just how out of touch the Liberals are.
Malcolm Turnbull had the chance to join with Labor and support our legislation that would stop unfair cuts to the take-home pay of low income workers, but unsurprisingly he didn’t.
This slap in the face to workers by the Turnbull Government comes as inequality is at a 75-year high, wages growth is at historic lows and underemployment is at record highs.
There could not be a worse time to cut workers’ take home pay. 
There is still time for Turnbull and his Government to change their stance and join with Labor to support the take-home pay of Australian workers.