February 14, 2017

The Turnbull Government has been dragged kicking and screaming when it comes to dealing with multiple examples of systemic worker exploitation, with reports suggesting that it will introduce legislation, which should have come years ago, into Parliament this week.

Labor has constantly demanded the Government bring forward legislation and will scrutinise the proposed Bill due this week to make sure it genuinely protects workers.

If it has any resemblance to their election policy, which was a lame attempt to trick Australians into believing they care about protecting vulnerable workers, it will not go far enough.

Despite having more than three years to legislate changes to ensure workers do not get ripped off, we have seen another example of exploitation arise and prompt the Government to finally take some action.

Over the weekend, Fairfax media exposed alleged widespread underpayment at the pizza franchise Dominos. Today it has been reported that a franchisee has been involved in visa fraud.

Since the election of the Abbott-Turnbull Government in 2013, there have been multiple examples of systemic exploitation occurring in workplaces around the country, including the severe underpayment of workers at 7-Eleven.

In that same time we’ve seen two anti-worker pieces of legislation progressed but certainly not one piece of legislation that is pro-worker.

In the void left by this Government’s inaction, Labor introduced legislation 12 months ago to prevent workers being exploited, while also announcing a plan to help more Australians into good local jobs by strengthening our temporary worker laws and ensure visa fraud, such as that occurring at Dominos, no longer occurs.

This Government isn’t interested in the wellbeing or safety of workers; all they are interested in is quick political wins.