March 16, 2017

The loss of 800 jobs from the Ichthys LNG project in the Northern Territory is devastating.
While this is obviously a commercial decision, Labor is so disappointed for these workers and our thoughts are with them and their families.
These mass job losses will have an enormous impact on the Northern Territory’s economy and morale.
Labor is advised the company has given assurances that they will seek to redeploy as many of the workers in other areas as possible.
We welcome that undertaking but note that companies that are concerned about their workforce and reputation provide their workers much more notice of impending job losses so that they're able to transition into other work.
This decision has taken immediate effect and so workers are already off the job, we don't believe that's fair.
In the event workers cannot be retained it is incumbent on the companies involved to pay the full entitlements workers have earned.
The Turnbull Government must act.
It should have acted to prevent job losses but now this has occurred the Government must ensure those workers are provided on the ground, intensive employment services to help them find another job as quickly as possible.
There have been too many of these large-scale job losses under the Abbott-Turnbull Governments.
The Government has to get into it, they can’t just sit back and continue to put their hands in the air and do nothing when it comes to these announcements of mass job losses.
Time and time again we’ve seen the Liberal National Governments do absolutely nothing to help workers back into jobs and repair communities when they’ve been inflicted with these massive job losses.
This is a dark day for the affected workers and the Territory. Labor is prepared to cooperate with the Turnbull Government to do what is necessary to ensure the effects of the job losses are mitigated.