June 05, 2018

The resignation of Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd is another indictment on the Turnbull Government – and on Senator Michaelia Cash’s time as Minister for Workplace Relations and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service.
The Public Service Commissioner is supposed to be an impartial officer, who upholds the values of impartiality in the public service.
From day one of his tenure, Mr Lloyd demonstrated again and again that he was completely incapable of being impartial in the role – regularly revealing his strongly partisan positions. 
His resignation today comes after intense scrutiny of his partisan behaviour while Senator Cash was the responsible Minister.
Mr Lloyd presided over a chaotic and unfair approach to enterprise bargaining where thousands of workers lost important workplace rights and conditions of employment.
Under Mr Lloyd, many workers in the public sector haven’t had a pay rise for four years and their job security and wages have been attacked through outsourcing.
Michaelia Cash has presided over a number of politicised appointments and agencies, including the discredited Registered Organisations Commission, former ABCC Commissioner Nigel Hadgkiss, and now Mr Lloyd.
Mr Lloyd, who was himself appointed as head of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) by the Howard Government, wrote an overtly biased opinion piece rant against "critics" of ABCC in The Australian on 20 December 2016, which showed he was anything but impartial.
He then went on to broker the golden handshake resignation of Nigel Hadgkiss as head of the ABCC. After dragging out litigation against him for 18 months, Mr Hadgkiss finally had to step down for breaching the very law he was supposed to uphold.
Mr Lloyd can now be added to the list of people that Turnbull has allowed to continue in their position well after serious questions regarding their conduct first emerged.
Labor believes our hardworking public service – and Australian taxpayers – deserve better.