March 09, 2017

Two weeks has passed since Australians learned about the decision to cut penalty rates, and Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals have done nothing to stop this devastating blow to low income Australians.
Since then, Malcolm Turnbull has actually reinforced his support of the cuts to penalty rates – an unsurprising step for Liberals who consistently delve ever deeper into the pockets of low and middle income earning Australians.
Despite numerous examples over the past two weeks of the financial hardship the cuts to penalty rates will cause, Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals have not budged.
Margarita is a 58 year old housekeeper and has calculated that this cut will cost her $2000 a year, from her $30,000 take home pay, which according to her is the difference between “staying afloat or drowning in bills.”
Vanny who works in retail is a single mum and relies on penalty rates to look after her son. While she earns $160 every Sunday that she works, her child care also costs her $160 a day. The money she will lose from the cuts to penalty rates is the money she spends on nappies and food for her son. 
Unlike the Liberals, Labor supports Margarita and Vanny and will stand with them by continuing to call on Malcolm Turnbull to act like a proper leader and support Labor’s legislation which would stop these cuts to penalty rates.
Labor calls on the Turnbull Government to admit that cuts to penalty rates will not create extra jobs, but will be a kick in the guts for low paid workers.
Any extra employment is more likely to come from existing staff working more hours for the same pay.
Instead of trying to defend ordinary workers from having their wages cut, Malcolm Turnbull is giving a $50 billion tax to big business and the banks.
A tax cut for big business and a pay cut for workers – Australians won’t forget this, Prime Minister.