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July 31, 2021

After months of speculation and unconfirmed reports of delays with the beleaguered Future Frigates program, Defence Minister Peter Dutton has today finally admitted they are running 18 months late.

The Future Frigates, the second largest procurement project in Australia’s history, are already running $15 billion over budget, now they are not meeting the promised deadlines.

The only project more expensive is the $90 billion Future Submarines program, which is running $40 billion over budget and a decade late.

The Morrison Government likes to talk tough on Defence, but the reality is they are haemorrhaging money with consistent cost blow outs, while failing actually to deliver the assets we need to defend our nation.

This Future Frigates debacle is just one more failure to add to the long list of disastrous Defence assets including:

  • The $3.8 billion fleet of MRH-90 Taipan helicopters have been grounded since June due to potentially catastrophic maintenance issues.
  • The $1.5 billion C-27J Spartan battlefield airlifters that were not fit for battle and had to be reclassified as humanitarian aircraft.
  • The $3 billion Battle Management System suspended after failing cyber security tests and not receiving full IT security accreditation.
  • The $4 billion Offshore Patrol Vessel program has been delayed with no answers given for the setback.
  • The $350 million Cape Class patrol boats delayed because they used sub-standard imported aluminium.

The Morrison Government has consistently failed to deliver the assets our Defence personnel need to secure our nation.

This Government’s actions fail to match their words when it comes to defending this nation.