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July 28, 2020

New ABS data today confirms that around 590,000 payroll jobs have been lost since the virus outbreak.

Hundreds of thousands of workers and businesses are anxious about being left out and left behind in Australia’s first recession in three decades.

The test of the Morrison Government’s management of the recession and its aftermath is what happens to jobs and the businesses which create them.

Today’s Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia by the ABS shows that since 14 March:
• The Australian economy shed 590,000 payroll jobs.
• Payroll jobs have dropped by 5.6 per cent and total wages paid has fallen 4.8 per cent.
• Victoria was the state hardest hit with payroll jobs declining by 7.3 per cent.
• Payroll jobs for women declined by 5.5 per cent and male payroll jobs decreased by 5.8 per cent.
• Payroll jobs in the accommodation and food services sector decreased by 18.1 per cent and fell by 16.3 per cent in the arts and recreation industries.
• Payroll jobs worked by people aged 20-29 decreased by 7.9 per cent and those worked by people aged 70 and over fell by 11.3 per cent.
Some of the hardest-hit industries are those that have been excluded from JobKeeper.

The biggest job losses have been concentrated in hospitality and the arts, with young Australians and elderly Australians hardest hit.

This is the first recession in three decades and people are hurting.

We don’t want to see unemployment too high for too long.

We don’t want to see a jobless recovery where even more Australians are left behind and held back.

Vulnerable workers, businesses and communities need and deserve a comprehensive plan to tackle the jobs crisis and create well-paid, secure jobs into the future.