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October 26, 2015

Australia's temporary work visa program requires urgent attention and immediate action. 

An interim report by the Senate Inquiry into temporary working visas found:

"Migrant workers detailed a series of breaches of Australia's workplace laws, including the deliberate and systemic underpayment of wages, long shifts of up to 18 hours without overtime payments, a lack of standard record keeping such as wage slips, and false and misleading time sheets designed to conceal the actual hours worked"

Labor is concerned about inaction in relation to the clear and widespread exploitation of workers in Australia who are on temporary visas.

In addition to our longstanding concerns with exploitation of the 457 (temporary skilled visa) program. It is now clear that working holiday visas are being used to import cheap exploitable labour, who aren't having a holiday at all. 

Exploitation of workers on temporary visas hurts those workers, our international reputation and undermines employment opportunities and employment conditions for Australian workers. 

Labor is examining whether the power and resources of our regulators are adequate. We are developing policies that will support local jobs, eliminate the exploitation of visa holders and protect the wages and conditions of all workers in Australia. 

The Liberal's can't be trusted to protect Australian jobs by acting on visa exploitation.

The Liberal's negotiated a free trade agreement with China that threw away protections for Australian jobs. 

The Liberal's opposed Labor's additional protections for workers on 457 (skilled worker) visas, and then relied upon them to defend the China Free Trade Agreement.