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December 04, 2018

In another example of a divided government, a parliamentary committee dominated by members of the Coalition has followed Labor’s lead on the serious need to deal with issues around casual work, labour hire and insecure work.

The House Standing Committee on Innovation, Industry, Science and Resources identifies the challenges associated with insecure work, particularly the misuse and overuse of casuals and labour hire.

As Labor leads on policies for decent jobs, higher wages and secure work, Scott Morrison is stuck dealing with his divided and dysfunctional government as the government members break away from his stance on industrial relations.

The Coalition committee members must now do more than simply pay lip service to these issues and urge Scott Morrison to put workers first for once. For five years now, this government has done nothing for workers.

Labor won’t be surprised if the Coalition members of the committee use this report to say one thing in their electorates pretending they care, and yet do absolutely nothing in Canberra. We’ve seen this again and again with the member for Dawson, George Christensen.

Labor doesn’t want to wait until Scott Morrison calls an election to ensure workers are treated fairly, we want action now.

In July, Labor announced that a Shorten Labor Government will crack down on dodgy labour hire companies that rip off and exploit workers.

Federal Labor will also change the definition of “casual” and set an objective test for deciding when a worker is “casual”.

A Shorten Labor government will address the problems in our labour market that mean that precarious work is increasing.

Under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government, we are headed towards a low paid, easy to hire, easy to fire society, which is undermining job security and putting downward pressure on wages.

Australian workers are sick of waiting for the Liberals to act.