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October 16, 2015

Today’s fall in full-time employment shows that this Government still has no plan for jobs.

Full-time employment decreased by 13,900. There has been no growth in full-time jobs since June despite another 45,000 people joining the labour force.

Since this Government was elected full-time jobs have grown at half the rate the labour force has (167,000 jobs, 366,800 more people in the labour force).

This is not a matter of choice - total underemployment is at a record high of 8.5%.

The fact remains under the Abbott-Turnbull Government unemployment is up and economic growth is down.

The Liberal Government is not producing enough economic growth needed to generate the number of jobs for the people looking.

Unemployment has stayed steady at 6.2% - but only because fewer people are looking for work. A fall in the participation rate for the second month in a row, to 64.9 per cent, is a worrying development.

The unemployment rate has been at or above 6 per cent for 16 months now – the last time this happened was over 12 years ago.

Today’s unemployment rate is higher than anytime under the former Labor Government - which included the Global Financial Crisis.

The ABS figures paint a negative picture for job seekers and sit against a backdrop of below-trend annual economic growth.  

The number of unemployed Australians remains at nearly 20 year highs and there are 85,900 more people on the unemployment queue since Tony Abbott was elected.

When Tony Abbott was elected, unemployment was 5.6 per cent – today under Malcolm Turnbull it is 6.2 per cent.

This trend is in stark contrast to the major advanced economies such as the United States where the unemployment rate has come down from 7.2 per cent two years ago to 5.1 per cent today.

Despite the Government’s lack of a youth unemployment policy, there has been a welcome decline in the number of young people unemployed, however at 12.9 per cent it remains too high.

There has been no growth in full-time youth employment since March 2015.

The Turnbull Government has failed to provide Australians with a plan for jobs, and refuses to put Australian workers first.