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March 24, 2022

The Morrison-Joyce Government is once again dressing up previously announced projects as something new, further highlighting that the Prime Minister is all announcement and no delivery.  
Base upgrades flagged today were announced six years ago in the 2016 Defence White Paper and again in the 2020 Force Structure Plan, but they have yet to be delivered.
The Government, in its attempt to push a national security agenda, is presenting routine works as a new announcement.
This marketing ploy is part of an all too familiar pattern. Last April, Scott Morrison reannounced Northern Territory Base Upgrades which were confirmed two years earlier in a closed tender.
Labor fully supports our ADF having the capabilities they require, but would act immediately to deliver Defence capabilities on time and on budget, and in the national interest. Scott Morrison continues to seek to use national security for partisan and base political purposes. 
Today’s reannouncement confirms that after six Defence Ministers in eight years the Prime Minister remains focussed on announcements but no follow up.