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June 01, 2021

The Morrison Government cannot confirm they will build the hulls of the Future Submarines in Australia, in direct contradiction to their promise.

The Secretary of Defence today said that the hulls of the Future Submarines will only be built in Australia provided we have technical capability.

If the Government can’t confirm technical capability, they can’t confirm where they are built.

The Morrison Government is failing when it comes to committing to Australian businesses and workers, and ensuring they benefit from these multi-billion dollar defence contracts.

There will be as many as 300 submarines in our region by 2035, but alarmingly Australia may only have one submarine with modern capability in the water, according to responses in today’s Budget Estimates.

The Secretary of Defence confirmed that there will only be one Future Submarine in the water by 2035, and the six current Collins Class will need Life Of Type Extension to be able to still be operable at that time, with still no decision made by the Government.

If no decision is taken we could have only one submarine in the water then.

Australia is looking like it will be left unprepared and outnumbered.

Today’s session also confirmed the Government has sat on advice from Defence on the location of Full Cycle Docking of the Collins Class vessels since last year and has still not made a decision. This is despite the former Defence Minister saying a decision would be taken by the end of 2019.

After eight long years, this Government hasn’t made Australia safer. There are major defence projects are not operational or effective at keeping us safe. 

The Morrison Government doesn’t deliver.