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December 05, 2019

The Minister for Industry, Karen Andrews, must explain why she has canned a meeting of key industry representatives prior to next week’s Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF).
Reports today have revealed that, at the time of significant issues in the building and construction industry, the Morrison Government has decided not to involve industry representatives in the conversation, prompting justified criticism from the Property Council.
The question that must be answered is why is Minister Andrews shying away from industry discussion?
This lack of transparency is becoming a growing trend. Despite serious cladding issues in the community, the national fire safety bodies were excluded from the last BMF.
The decision follows rising instances of problems in the building industry from cracking apartments, increases in professional indemnity insurance, and the use of combustible cladding, all of which are threatening a downturn in the sector along with public safety. 

The Building Ministers’ Forum is an ideal forum for industry representatives to come together to discuss the issues, but the Minister has shut them out of the conversation.
Leadership from the Government is needed and Minister Andrews can start by listening to the states and territories, and, importantly, the building and insurance sectors and take leadership on key issues.
The construction industry is critical to the Australian economy.
Each day the Morrison Government fails to take leadership and respond to the building industry crisis, businesses are closing down, the safety and lives of Australians are put at risk.