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August 05, 2019

 The Morrison Liberal Government has launched another attack on unemployed Australians in order to distract from its infighting over the rate of Newstart.

Rather than attacking vulnerable Australians looking for jobs, the government should take a look in the mirror and address the problems inherent in the employment services system it oversees.

Everyone other than this Government knows the current labour market system must work better, connecting unemployed Australians with decent, stable jobs.

Publicly shaming people with new media stories week after week is not helping them get in to work.

Minister Cash should spend more time helping people get into work than spruiking herself in the media.

Under this government, more than 1.8 million Australians are looking for more work but unable to find it, and just last week the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed that the number of people holding four or more jobs has doubled in just the last year.

According to the figures, a woman working four or more jobs is $800 a year worse off than the year before.

The Liberal Morrison Government is not getting people into work, failing to even respond to the Jobactive Senate inquiry, which reported in February this year.

Labor believes in mutual obligation arrangements for jobseekers, but that means the Government has an obligation to ensure that the job active service is value for money.

Rather than simply attacking people struggling to get work in order to distract from their own internal division, the Government should help people to get decent, secure work.