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August 20, 2016

The Turnbull Government has shown once again how out of touch it is by stubbornly ignoring the fact that there is a concerning level of underemployment in this country - that is people who want more work but cannot find it.


It’s all well and good for the Minister for Employment to talk about the suitability of part time employment for certain workers, however she has failed to even acknowledge that the economy is not creating decent, full time jobs fast enough to keep up with the growing number of people looking for one.


The real problem Australian workers are facing is that according to yesterday’s Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force figures, 45,400 full time jobs were lost in the month of July and almost no full time jobs have been created in Australia for the past year.


When asked if there were many part time workers that would rather be in full time work the Minister responded “Not necessarily”, despite 1.8 million Australians that either can’t find work or are finding an insufficient amount of work.


How can the government solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment if it doesn’t even recognise it exists?


Underemployment, insecure work, and low wages growth is of concern to Labor because it is not good for people and it is not good for economic growth.


Australia needs a Government with a plan for our economy, to grow full time jobs and workers’ pay packets, not one that wants to give big banks and big business a tax cut, while presiding over cuts to the take home pay of middle and working class families by attacking penalty rates.