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December 01, 2020

Today, Labor launched our Pandemic Recovery Jobs and Industry Taskforce to ensure there is a plan to get Australians back into work following Australia’s deepest Recession in almost a century.
The decisions this government is taking are making things worse for hardworking Australians.
When almost a million Australians are unemployed and unemployment is still expected to rise further, the Morrison Government’s decision to prematurely cut JobKeeper and JobSeeker risks higher unemployment for longer.
Decisions taken by the Liberals and Nationals mean that the Morrison Recession will be deeper than necessary and the unemployment queues longer than they need to be.  The number of unemployed Australians is expected to continue rise to more than one million by Christmas.
Scott Morrison has deliberately excluded 928,000 people aged 35 and over from hiring subsidies.
Instead of a plan to get Australians back into work, Scott Morrison is leaving people behind to go it alone
The Taskforce will travel around the country - particularly to outer-metropolitan, regional and rural areas - to hear from employees, employers, unions, industry bodies, academics and experts about what is needed to best respond to the Morrison Recession.
The Taskforce - which is a Committee of the Labor Caucus - will be chaired by the Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters. The Member for Oxley Milton Dick and Senator Nita Green will be the Deputy Chair and Secretary respectively.