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August 05, 2016

The first industrial relations speech of the Minister for Employment after the election is predictably underwhelming.

Instead of laying out a progressive vision for Australian workplaces her ‘vision’ is to rehash the same union bashing idea as her predecessor, which would see workers stripped of their right to access independent advice and advocacy in the workplace.

Curtailing right of entry laws was defeated in the 44th Parliament and was not taken to the Australian public before the election. In fact, aside from a couple of opportunistic, populist policies the Abbott-Turnbull Government did not present Australians with a workplace relations policy.  

The Government’s failure to take proposed changes to right of entry, transfer of business, individual flexibility arrangements and more means these proposals should be subject to the same self-proclaimed test as the Government’s response to the Productivity Commission review and the Trade Union Royal Commission. That being they should be taken to the Australian people at an election.

Michaelia Cash is a minister without a mandate.

Only Labor can be trusted with the pay, rights and conditions of working Australians.