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March 31, 2021

Scott Morrison is once again using his marketer’s spin, trying to press reset on the disasters in defence by promising a guided missile program for $1 billion, with no detail on who will deliver it, how it will be delivered and where it will be built.

The Prime Minister wants us to believe that the government will be able to bring forward this important defence program when all the other huge defence projects have been blown out by years, in some cases decades.

What we’re seeing with this announcement is Scott Morrison simply trying to reset the politics of the defence portfolio, which is in disarray after six Defence Ministers in eight years.

We have seen nothing but cost and time blow outs with our current defence projects – which include Australia’s biggest procurements in history.

Our Defence projects are currently in shambles, and rather than focussing on fixing the current projects, the Morrison Government is announcing more before the details are finalised.

Labor’s concern is that once again this will be all announcement no delivery.

There are significant global security challenges that need to be addressed, and Labor understands that Australia needs sovereign capabilities to be able to do that.

We need to enhance our defence sovereign capability, and we need a defence industry that can make things here. 

Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton now need to follow through to see this project delivered on time, on budget and with local businesses engaged to make them.