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January 13, 2021

Craig Kelly’s position as chair of the Joint Committee on Law Enforcement is untenable and, if he refuses to resign, Scott Morrison must finally show some leadership and sack him.

How can a person who does not respect law and order continue to chair the Australian Parliament’s Law Enforcement Committee?

In return for the privilege of chairing this committee, Mr Kelly is paid an additional $23,000 on top of his $211,000 salary as an MP.

But instead of using this position to support the rule of law and back our law enforcement officers, Mr Kelly continues to glorify the violent attempt to overthrow the US Government which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a police officer.

Mr Kelly is a man so detached from both common decency and reality that he has never once expressed any remorse for the death of this officer or condemned the violence at the Capitol.

Instead, he continues to embarrass the Parliament and the Australian people by sending out an endless stream of bizarre and offensive posts promoting the overthrow of the democratically elected US Government.

Mr Kelly’s own party is so horrified by his behaviour he has twice been stripped of Liberal Party preselection. He remains an MP only because Mr Morrison personally intervened to order his reinstatement.

Craig Kelly is Mr Morrison’s captain’s pick and only remains an MP and chair of the Law Enforcement Committee because of Mr Morrison’s support.

The cowardly silence has to end.

We’ve seen in the US what can happen when people who promote dangerous conspiracy theories are left unchecked.

It’s long past time for Mr Morrison to call time on Craig Kelly