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August 31, 2016

The Turnbull Government’s 25 priority policies plan has a stark omission – the failure to include any mention of their policy to protect workers from exploitation.

In fact, there’s not one ‘policy’ that is pro-worker.

In a week where it has been revealed that 7-Eleven employees are still being ripped off through unscrupulous practices, we have an opportunistic government that has prioritised a state issue over the national issue of worker exploitation in its so-called plan.

The Government’s worker exploitation policy was announced well before the proposed CFA legislation, yet they have neglected to include it in their priority plan.

The Employment Minister has used these latest revelations to speak yet more hollow words about the Parliament needing to work together to implement Coalition measures to fix the problem. The problem is the Government hasn’t introduced any measures to fix the problem and those measures aren’t contained in their 25 point plan.

Only Labor has introduced legislation to prevent workers being exploited.

Labor has also announced plans to licence labour hire firms and allow workers to pursue franchisors for wage underpayments

For three years the Abbott-Turnbull Government had the chance to legislate changes to ensure workers do not get ripped off. They failed to do that and their election policy was a lame attempt to trick Australians into believing they care about protecting Australian workers.

This government isn’t interested in the wellbeing or safety of workers, they are interested in quick political wins.

Australians have every right to ask why Mr Turnbull and his Government aren’t prioritising taking action in response to worker exploitation at 7-Eleven.

It is only Labor that will stand up for middle and working class families. Labor will put people first, strengthening and protecting workers’ rights at work.