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November 27, 2019

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data released today shows signs of weakness in the construction industry has not abated and yet the Morrison Government has no plan whatsoever to deal with the significant structural issues facing the industry.

Construction work in the September quarter fell 0.4 per cent, to be down 7.0 per cent over the year. This is the 5th consecutive quarterly decline.
Building construction work alone is down 0.5 per cent in the quarter and 5.1 per cent over the year.

Dwelling construction remains weak, with new private residential construction declining 3.4 per cent in the quarter and is now 11.6 per cent down from its mid-2018 peak.

The national construction industry is critical to the Australian economy, but this government is failing to manage the many challenges it’s facing.

The data follows rising instances of problems in the building industry from cracking apartments, increases in professional indemnity insurance, and the use of combustible cladding, all of which are threatening a downturn in the sector along with public safety. 

The Government is not effectively dealing with the economic and safety crisis affecting the building and construction industry, from shirking any responsibility for problems in the building industry, to failing to deal with the importation of non-conforming building products and growing cases of phoenixing.

We saw this failure of leadership today with the Morrison Government voting against protecting tradies and small businesses against fraudulent directors ripping them of by voting down Labor’s amendments to the Combatting Illegal Phoenixing bill, which included the introduction of a Director Identification Number.
Each day the Morrison Government fails to take leadership and respond to the building industry crisis, businesses are closing down and the safety and lives of Australians are put at risk.