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May 20, 2019

I am humbled to be re-elected as Member for Gorton, and to be given the opportunity to continue to serve the residents of this electorate in the federal parliament.


I give my sincere thanks to everybody who supported me, and the volunteers who gave their all during the campaign and election day.


I will continue to advocate for our local area in Canberra and work to serve our communities best interests. This includes advocating for a hospital for Melton, upgrades to the Western Highway and the Calder Freeway, and for more money for our local schools.


Current figures show there was a swing against Labor in Gorton of around 2.5 per cent. This is in part due to the redistribution of the electorate, losing some traditionally high Labor voting areas. I am proud I still retained more than 65 per cent of the vote after preferences, and I thank voters for their strong support.


While I am disappointed that Labor lost the federal election, I am devastated for all the people who will now miss out on Labor’s commitments.


Locally, Rockbank Football Club lose $1.8 million, Westside Strikers will lose $1 million, and Diggers Rest Football Club will lose $60,000 – all Labor commitments the Liberal Government would not match.


And local schools in Gorton will miss out on around $15 million in extra money promised by Labor alone.


In Gorton and across the country workers in retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy will have their penalty rates cut further on July 1 this year, whereas Labor would have not only stopped the cuts but restored them.


Childcare workers will miss out on a 20 per cent increase promised by Labor and will continue to be woefully underpaid for the critical work they do.


Labor would have provided $2.8 billion in extra funding to hospitals, $2.4 billion for free dental care for pensioners, $2.3 billion to extend the range of cancer-related services covered by Medicare, made medicines more affordable, and we would have ensured those with a disability would be properly funded through the NDIS. All the Liberals offer for health is further cuts.


I will be fighting in parliament to try to convince the Liberal Government that they should implement these Labor commitments.


This result will not deter Labor from its agenda of positive policies for this country and it has strengthened my resolve to fight for the people of Gorton.