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August 11, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals have exposed the contemptuous way they will run the new parliament by failing to provide a timely briefing to Labor on the proposed legislation dealing with the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) dispute. 

Notwithstanding the fact the Turnbull Government is playing politics with a State Government issue, Labor sought a briefing from the Government on the proposed legislation in an attempt to resolve any possible issues prior to its introduction. In complete contradiction to Mr Turnbull’s recent comments about ending “division for division’s sake”, Labor has been denied a briefing until the bill is introduced.

Having promised this will be the number one item on the agenda, even though significant budget measures have yet to pass, it is clear the government is still playing games.

If the Liberals genuinely wanted cooperation they would engage in an open and constructive briefing with what is now a complex Senate and not rush the CFA legislation through the parliament.

This Liberal Government isn’t interested in helping volunteers, or ending the CFA dispute, they are simply interested in the political opportunity the dispute has presented them.

This is the same old disingenuous government with no idea how to run a cooperative parliament.  

This disappointing but not unsurprising conduct of Malcolm Turnbull and his Minister for Employment perfectly exemplifies the Liberals approach to government – say one thing, do another.