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September 26, 2016

The Turnbull Government must stop its attack on young jobseekers and focus on delivering a real jobs plan for young Australians.

Labor is concerned that the Turnbull Government is preparing the ground for more cruel cuts to vulnerable Australians, just like the 2014 Budget. While Labor supports mutual obligation, we believe it has to be done in a fair way.

It’s simply not fair to punish young jobseekers by making them wait one month without any income support.

That’s not a plan to create jobs for young Australians – that’s a plan to drive young jobseekers into poverty and hardship.

Labor also has serious concerns with the Liberals’ youth PaTH to nowhere program, which may displace existing Australian workers with internships, rather than creating additional new jobs.

It’s the same old tired Tony Abbott story retold by Malcolm Turnbull.

The Turnbull Government is obsessed with “actively considering” ways to cut people’s payment rather than “actively considering” ways to help people a job.

The vast majority of people on welfare want to work, they just need to be given an opportunity.

Malcolm Turnbull and Christian Porter must stop blaming young jobseekers for their failure to create jobs.  

The Turnbull Government is failing on youth employment. The youth unemployment rate remains double the national average at 12.8 per cent, with 272,400 young Australians out of work.

Labor will always put jobs first. Rather than engage in the Liberals’ race to the bottom on wages and conditions, Labor will invest in the high-skilled, high-wage jobs of the future.