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December 03, 2018

Under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government, youth underemployment is a serious threat and has increased for young Australians, according to a report released today by the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

The report states that in October 2018,15.9 per cent of workers aged 20-24 were underemployed compared to only 2.4 per cent in 1978.

More than 550,000 young people aged 20 to 24 are estimated to be working part time, while 44 per cent of young people now work part time compared to less than 10 per cent 40 years ago.

There are serious underlying structural problems of high underemployment and stagnant wages growth in Australia’s labour market.

This report follows the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force figures, which show the youth unemployment rate continues to be double the national average at 11.3 per cent. Scott Morrison and his Liberals have no plan to arrest this high rate.

The government is ignoring the significant problem of underemployment, particularly for young people.

Under Scott Morrison and his Liberals, young Australians are suffering with insecure work, stagnant wages and skyrocketing cost of living pressures.

Young Australians need a government that acknowledges the challenges young people face, not one that simply ignores the changing nature of work and its effects on young people.

The Government should be getting on with the job of addressing the challenges and persistent problems in the labour market, rather than trying to save their own jobs.